Network Cable Installers

Network Cable Installers

The technicians who install your new data cable are the people directly involved with your network system.  These are the network cable installers. The types of tools that the technicians carry will dictate the level of their skill and ability. Proper tools are required to perform a job that is free from poor workmanship.

There are many unique tools that are required for a network cable installer.  A punchdown tool, a 110 blade, probe, cable shears are some examples of network cable tools. Additionally, the installer will need to have a network tester.  The network tester uses sophisticated systems to analyze the data line and insure that it will be able to transmit the information required in the system.  There are a wide range of network testers on the market.  They do not perform the same functions, some may do basic tests where others will certify the cable that it is meets industry standards.  Our technicians use Fluke network testers to validate and check new network cabling installations.  The better the quality of the network tester, the better the cable will be checked in various tests.

There are different levels of network cable installers.  Junior technicians are able to run cable and install jacks, whereas a senior network cable installer can diagnose problems within the system, build telecommunication closets, terminate and punch down patch panels.   You will want to make sure these technicians are up to date on the latest training and certifications within the industry.

Safety is important to always keep in mind when on a ladder or going above the ceiling.  Proper care must be taken to make sure no one is injured while performing an installation.  Our team takes great care in maintaining a safe job site.  We utilize safety glasses, hard hats, safety harness, safety vest and other gear when needed.

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Network cable installers installing network cable for internet access

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