Cat 5 Wiring

Cat 5 wiring

Cat 5 and Cat 5e Wiring Installation

Category 5e wiring and cable is rated up to 350Mgz and this measurement is used to determine how much data the cable can move.  Category 5e can be used in a wide variety of applications.  It has been in the market for 20 years and is widely used in many commercial buildings.  Cat 5 wiring and Cat 5e wiring can be used to run new phone lines and provides up to 4 telephone lines within one cable.  Telephone wiring uses a pair of wires, Cat 5 wiring and Cat 5e wiring uses 4 pair of wires in a single cable.  When used for data transmission, these 8 wires allow data to be processed and sent through the network at very fast speeds.  Cat 5e wiring is needed when new computers or printers are added to the office.


According to,  Today the apps moving at a transfer rate of 1 Gb/sec are hitting the ceiling of category 5e cables capabilities. Applications which require streaming of data like video and multimedia transfer demand high transfer rates and this demand can only be fulfilled by Cat 6 wiring and cables, which offer higher bandwidth. 

If your office doesn't require fast data transfer, Category 5e is a very good choice.  Network jacks, cabling, patch panels, patch cords and other equipment used with Cat 5 and 5e wiring are  less expensive when compared to Category 6 cabling.  Equipment can be purchased with Cat 5e ratings or Cat 6 ratings.  Various types of hardware that is used in network communication systems are patch panels, patch cords, data jacks or RJ 45 connectors, network switch, router, modem and other hardware.  These are joined together to facilitate the flow of data within your network of computers.  

Cat 6 Wiring

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Cat 5 wiring providing internet access to VoiP phone system and laptop

Cat5 wiring red white and blue connecting patch panel